I know Black History Month has passed, but here at Her Campus, we celebrate black artists every month! Check out these 5 black content creators and support their channels. We’ve got you covered with diverse genres including ASMR, feminism, powerlifting, heels dance and beauty.

1. Silver Hare

Silver Hare is a spiritual ASMR…

Hopefully by now, you’ve moved your last few boxes into your dorm room or apartment and are starting to feel at home in your new space. As college students, we are typically sharing our living space in some capacity which means we have to cram all our personal items in…

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard Ariana Grande’s new single “thank you, next,” a record-breaking breakup anthem emanating positive vibes and emphasizing self-love. If you haven’t yet, press pause on reading this article and bless yourself with three and a half minutes of pure bliss here.

On a name-dropping…

Presley Lovins

communicator. dancer. interested in the spiritual and sensual.

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